Honorary Council

An Honorary Council of prominent Americans helps advance the national celebration of Muslim American Heritage. Our council members include

Naeem Khan

Chairperson. Naeem Khan is a global, legendary fashion designer based in New York.

Malik Yusef

Six-time Grammy Award winner and songwriter for Kanye West, Yusuf is a philanthropist who has also won Emmy, Tony, and Peabody Awards.

Syed Javaid Anwar

An American Dream success story, Anwar was raised by a single mother in Pakistan and is today a billionaire philanthropist in Texas.

Maha Khan

Ambassador for the American Pakistan Foundation, Chair of Crimestoppers Houston

Farooq Kathwari

CEO of Ethan Allen Furniture

Zainab Khan

Executive Director, Muslim American Leadership Alliance

Saleha Jabeen

United States Airforce- U.S. military's first female Muslim chaplain

Koray Duman

Renown global architecture based in New York and Istanbul, CEO of BK-D

Joanne King Herring

By the Order of St. Francis Knight, King of Belgium; Honorary Consul Pakistan and Morocco

Dr. Amneh Arnous

American Dental Association, IL State Dental Society, Chicago Dental Association, Founder and Director of Muntada

Riffat Chugtai

Riffat Chughtai was senior advisor of the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center and has been working for women and children’s mental health causes.

Tiffany Green-Abdullah

Critically acclaimed author of “The Bean Pie”; Cultural Innovation and Development Consultant

Kalid Loul

CEO, GlobalGeeks; Executive Board Director, MALA

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